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Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries:

Murder Al Fresco Book 3 in the southern pasta shop mystery seriesBook 3 in the Southern Pasta Shop mystery series!
Redemption never tasted so sweet….

Andy Buckland is no stranger to TV. The worst moment of her career happened when a live studio audience got food poisoning from one of her dishes. But when the pasta guru is given a slot in the televised cooking competition Diced Showdown, she sees her chance at redemption. In exchange for the shot at vindication Andy and her fiancé, Malcolm Jones, are tasked to find the identity of a mysterious blogger who has a nasty habit of revealing detrimental secrets of the show’s top celebrity chefs. A little undercover sleuthing is one thing, but when her hometown is taken over by the show’s production and one of the judges winds up dead, Andy’s afraid she’s bitten off more than she can chew and she might just choke on a dish best served cold.

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Audio version also available!

Murder Al Fresco audio book

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen... 
Murder A La Flambe Book 2 in the Southern Pasta Shop Mystery series
Andy Buckland isn't thrilled when sexpot celebrity chef Lacy L'Amour decides to open a competing ethnic restaurant in small-town Beaverton...right across the street from Andy's pasta shop, the Bowtie Angel. And matters heat up when L'Amour sets her sights on both Andy's customers and her man, Malcolm Jones, who has been acting strange lately. But all of that pales in comparison when Andy's long lost daughter is suspected of arson. Suddenly the town's outrage reaches a rapid boil, and the future of the Buckland-Rosetti clan is about to go up in flames. Can Andy beat the competition, keep her man, and catch an arsonist before her hard won reputation is reduced to cinders? 
Recipes included! 

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Murder A La Flambe audio book
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Christmas Al Dente MedResBook 1.5 in the Southern Pasta Shop series
 ‘Tis the season for pasta... and mayhem.

Andy Buckland is determined that nothing will interrupt her first Christmas with Malcolm Jones and her last holiday spent in her childhood home.  When the family recipe book disappears from the Bowtie Angel and Aunt Cecily threatens to put “The Eye” on the entire population of Beaverton if it isn’t returned, Andy and Jones decide to put the eggnog on hold for a little old fashioned sleuthing. But as one secret leads to another and rumors served up along with hot buttered penne, Andy can’t shake the suspicion that her life is about to change forever.Buy it now for only $0.99! 

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Murder Al Dente Book 1 in the Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries-GHP button-kobo

Pretty please with spaghetti on top? 
-GHP button-ibooks-GHP button-amazonAfter a live studio audience is stricken with food poisoning during her debut cooking show, Andy Buckland is blacklisted in the culinary community. The only job open to her is working in her family's pasta shop and her first assignment is serving baked ziti to her former lover and his spoiled bride-to-be at their engagement party. But a broken heart and a bruised ego are the least of her troubles when she  discovers the  words 'welcome home' written in spilled flour next to a dead body.

Murder Al Dente audio book
Audio version also available