Jennifer L. Hart - Mysteries with Hart

Q&A with Jennifer L. Hart

Q. When's the next Damaged Goods/ Pasta Shop/ Laundry Hag/ Mackenzie & Mackenzie P.I. book coming out? 

A. Mackenzie & Mackenzie P.I. book 2 ALL SLEUTH AND NO PLAY is the latest release. The Pasta Shop series is done, the final book, MURDER AL FRESCO, is up for sale. Book 3 of the Damaged Goods series, CURE OR DIE is out now. That series I hope to continue, but it will be awhile. As for the Hag, well I'm working on it. 

Q.Why can't you write just one more pasta shop mystery?

A. I believe an author shouldn't stay too long at the party and any more books would be doing just that.

Q. I love your audiobooks. Why don't they come out at the same time as your ebooks?

A. I'm an indie author and the rules are a little different for me than for mainstream authors. Typically, I have to wait until a book is published before I contract a narrator and then she needs time to review the book, narrate and edit. After that I have to review it and then there's a waiting period before the title becomes available. 

Q. Do you have a favorite author?

A. Several. Kresley Cole, Darynda Jones, Janet Evanovich, R. Lee Smith and Sarah J. Maas are a few of my all-star authors.

Q. Do you have a favorite of your published(or soon to be published) novels?

A. If I do, I'm not telling!

Q. Are you, in fact, the Laundry Hag?

A. I plead the fifth.

Q. Where did the Laundry Hag come from?

A. The title is self-imposed, derived from one particularly memorable rant. The idea for the books, well what better way to snoop than in the guise of a cleaning lady?

Q. Will you give me The Dark Prince's phone number?

A. I'm an only child and I never learned to share.

Q. Will any of the secondary characters, like Leo or Marty, get their own books?

A. In this life, anything is possible.

Q. What can readers expect next from you?

A. Right now I'm working on a YA series scheduled to debute in a BIG way in 2018. . 

Q. Any advice for hopeful authors?

A. I try not to give advice, as most advice never works for me. All I can tell you is you've got to want it badly enough to never give up.