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Mystery, book, Laundry Hag seriesThe Misadventures of the Laundry Hag
Mystery series
Book 6: Bun in the Oven

Baby on Board!
The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag book 6 Bun in the OvenMaggie Phillips is beyond ready to have her new baby so life can get back to normal. Unfortunately, “normal” for the laundry hag is a relative term. When a neighbor goes missing, Neil begs his wife to stay out of it and focus on the upcoming labor and delivery, but Maggie can’t help but poke around into the man’s life out of habit and curiosity. But when the neighbor’s body is discovered stuffed into his own freezer and his wife and new baby also go missing, it’s up to the very pregnant laundry hag to clean house and get to the bottom of yet another misadventure, even if the killer is closer to home than she ever imagined.

Murder, scandal and industrial strength juicers. What more could a mom-to-be need?

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Who Needs A Hero?

Who Needs A Hero cover image small
A Heroine in Distress....
       In the span of one afternoon, Maggie Sampson lost everything—her job, her fiancé and her inheritance.  The thing she’ll miss most though is her mind.  What else could explain her vision of the handsome and enigmatic stranger who retrieved her engagement ring when she hurled the rock into the Atlantic Ocean? Normal people just don’t do things like that. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

A Hero Who Needs Saving...
      To the rest of the world, Neil Phillips is a decorated war hero, a Navy SEAL who has what it takes to get the job done.  In private he is a raw wound with two boys, a broken marriage and a nasty case of PTSD, but despite his personal struggles he helped Maggie when she needed it most. Now, Maggie is on a mission and she’s not going anywhere until she returns the favor—with interest.
 Who Needs A Hero?
A warrior with a broken heart, a woman with nothing to lose—there are no victims here, only courageous souls, both in need of rescue.
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Hero audio book audible
"Who Needs A Hero is a wonderful story of two people who made their share of mistakes during their lifetime but seem to complete each other." ~ Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
 "Ms. Hart writes all genres with ease and I enjoy her books but my heart will always be with Neil and Maggie because I am a total sucker for the Happily Ever After." ~The Reading Reviewer

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The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag mysteries:

Book 1: Skeletons in the Closet

Hag 1 detective The Misadventures of the Laundry hag: Skeletons in the closet
Maggie Phillips hasn't had it easy. As the wife of a retired Navy SEAL and the adoptive mother of two little hellions, Maggie is constantly seeking new ways to improve her family's financial situation. She accepts a cleaning position for her new neighbors (who redefine the term 'eccentric'), never imagining she will end up as the sole alibi for a man with a fascination for medieval torture devices when he is brought up on murder charges.

While Maggie struggles to prove the man's innocence, her deadbeat brother arrives, determined to sell Maggie and Neil on his next great scheme and to mooch with a vengeance. If that isn't bad enough, her in-laws (cutthroat corporate attorneys), descend on the house, armed with disapproval and condemnation for the family's annual Thanksgiving celebration.

As the police investigation intensifies, Maggie searches for the killer among the upper echelon of Hudson, Massachusetts, in the only way she can--by scrubbing their thrones. Of the porcelain variety, that is....

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"a must read for all people who love a good mystery and a jolly good laugh...
laugh out loud funny..." A Whole Bottle of Champagne by Black Orchid
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews

"a wonderfully fun whodunit" --ParaNormal

"Laugh out loud funny, realistic characters, snappy true to life dialog, and a sufficiently difficult mystery; all the required elements for an excellent read. If you’ve outgrown some of the female sleuths currently available, as I have, I recommend Maggie Phillips." ~Manic Readers

Book 2: Swept Under the Rug

The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: Swept Under the Rug
Crime and grime are everywhere, at least in Maggie Phillips’ opinion. Deep in the throes of a New England winter, Maggie’s still adjusting to her new role as confidential informant for the Hudson Police Department. When a suspicious fax is sent to one of her new clients, Maggie is sure she’s unearthed a conspiracy. With no crime to investigate, however, the Hudson P.D. can do nothing—that is until a wealthy trophy wife disappears and the FBI is called in to the hunt.

On the home front, her twelve-year-old son is growing up way too fast, while her brother is back with a few surprises destined to wreak havoc on the household. To frost the whole crappy cake, her best friend’s marriage is falling apart, which leaves Maggie worrying over her own. All of the family drama is put into perspective, however, when Maggie is arrested for kidnapping and blackmail.

Between economic woes and a now tarnished reputation, Maggie is in way over her head. Yet out of the ashes of frustration and failure, something great might emerge. If she survives the birthing process that is….
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“Laundry, laughter, love and crime make for a great read….Ms. Hart wrote with so much passion and developed the story in a fashion that draws you in and keeps you engrossed until the last word in the book.”—Mary Gramlich,The Reading Reviewer

Book 3:  All Washed Up

Book 3 in the Misadventures of the Laundry Hag mystery seriesMaggie Phillips is fine—just ask her. So what if two psychos tried to do her in and her business is all but dead, she never wanted to be the laundry hag to begin with, so why should she mourn her tattered reputation? With spring comes a fresh start, garage sale season and the birth of her brother’s first child. Life goes on even if cleaning has lost its luster and the sight of her scarred hands brings back horrific memories.

Help is on the way, whether she wants it or not. When Maggie’s mother-in-law asks her to assist with renovations to their project house in upstate New York, she smells a rat. Matters become murkier when Laura casually tells the former laundry hag to “see to that pesky ghost,” like the phantom is ring around the bathtub. But both Neil and Sylvia are eager to undertake the zany task and really, what else does she have to do?

How about solve a two decade old murder, find a few long lost relatives, fix her mental hang-

ups and reconnect with the husband she’s pushed away. And if she has any time to spare, maybe she can even survive a pissed-off apparition and keep it from finishing the job the last two killers started Third time’s the charm…right?
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"...a must read for its complete package of character, romance, chaos, and best of all Maggie, a woman just as imperfect as the rest of us." ~The Reading Reviewer

Book 4:  Hung Out to Dry

Laundry Hag - Hung Out To Dry Book 4 in the Laundry Hag mysteries
Maggie Phillips is back in an all new Misadventure!

After a year in Hudson, Maggie Phillips—A.K.A the laundry hag—is sure she’s seen all the small Massachusetts town has to offer. Of course that’s until her newest client turns out to be psychic who’s inherited a massive estate from her recently deceased grandfather, much to the displeasure of the rest of the family. Maggie soon suspects that what everyone believed was death by natural causes might’ve been a well-planned murder. Never fear, Maggie, her sexy SEAL and the rest of the cleaning crew are on the case. Are the relations responsible for terrorizing the timid soothsayer and how far will they go to reclaim one percenter status? One thing’s for sure, the laundry hag never saw this kerfuffle coming….

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Christmas Rental
Book 5 : The Laundry Hag's Christmas Rental

There's more Maggie to love as pregnancy expands her waistline and shortens her temper. And now the hag has to deal with the holidays too? If this is the most wonderful time of the year, somebody goofed.

Jackie Parker's marriage is on the rocks, and we're not talking ice here. Tis' the season for a happy family, but Jackie just wants to ride this Christmas out alone with her dog, her monkey and her remote control. Unfortunately the Dark Prince has other plans. 

Miami is a hotbed of criminal activity, but no one expects to be robbed by Santa himself! With the Big Jolly man in the bright red suit doing a few B&E's in the neighborhood, Maggie's vacation is soon swapped out for a criminal investigation. And she's teaming up with a new neurotic partner. Holiday hilarity ensues when Damaged Goods and the Laundry Hag team up for a takedown you won't want to miss!

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