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Pour a drink and get comfy. Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace where hi-jinx ensue at the drop of a hat, the women are sassy and the heroes are as hot as I can make 'em. I see good times in your future so make yourself at home.

I write mysteries and romance and my books are available in print, ebook and audiobook format. Be sure to check out my latest shenanigans under news, and visit my online store for Hag Swag, Undamaged Goods and tasty treats from the Pasta Shop. Already an owner of some Stellar swag? Send me a picture and I'll add it to my fan slideshow! I'm always happy to hear from you so leave a comment in my guestbook before you go. And be sure to keep up with the latest by signing up for my newsletter, Hart's Hitlist or joining my street team, Hart's Hotshots

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Now Available

Laundry Hag - Hung Out To Dry Book 4 in the Laundry Hag mysteries

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