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Laundry Hag character from mystery series The Misadventures of the Laundry HagKick your shoes off and make yourself at home. Seriously, don't be afraid to make a mess, I've got my own Laundry Hag! My website has undergone some major changes so whether you're a first time visitor or a frequent flyer, you should find something new to explore.

Why the#mysterieswithhart hashtag? Because that's what I write, romantic mysteries. Get the full printable list from my bookspage and check out my latest shenanigans under news.

Each series has its own page, so whether you're here for the Damaged Goods Crew, Team Clean from theLaundry Hag Misadventures, the ensemble from Beaverton and the Southern Pasta Shop series or even one of my stand alone romances, there should be plenty to explore.

Meet my newest heroine, Mackenzie Taylor, P.I. and her daughter Mac. Be sure to check out the villa they inhabit with a whole host of zany characters. Take a look at my updatedQ&A and see if I've answered some of your most burning questions. And if not, well you can always ask one or just leave me a comment in my guest book before you go. 

Want to talk with other fans about my latest release? Join mySpoiler Alertgroup on Facebook. I'm very active around the internet, always promoting and doing giveaways. If you want to stay tuned with the latest, be sure to add your name to the Hitlist. Hart's Hitlist that is, my author newsletter, on the form below. 

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Laundry Hag - Hung Out To Dry Book 4 in the Laundry Hag mysteries
Coming SoonThe Misadventures of the Laundry Hag book 6 Bun in the OvenAl lSleuth And No Play-Audio book