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Cure or Die mystery book 3 Damaged Goods series
Cure Or Die 
Book 3 in the Damaged Goods Mystery Series 
Certified Process Server Jackie Parker could do a case study in bizarre human behavior. Like the time the Damaged Goods property management team found a man fermenting his own fecal matter to get high. Or the angry downstairs tenant who threatened to spit on her. And that was just one building in the Miami art’s district. 
Returning to the scene of the crime a year later at the request of the landlord, Jackie believes she’s ready for anything. Since the Dark Prince left the team, she and Luke have gone through an amicable divorce and maybe just this one time she can manage to not land face first in something foul. But what they find in the vacated apartment is far worse than on their earlier visit and Jackie’s situation is about to get a whole lot messier. 
Cue Logan. 
Don’t miss the epic finale to the Damaged Goods trilogy, it’s a laugh a minute and what readers describe as “More addictive than krockodil!” 
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Lease on the beach mystery book 2 Damaged Goods series

A New Lease on Life…. 
After a brush with death, Jackie Parker has big plans to lie low for a while. The best laid plans didn’t check in with her stressful job as part of Damaged Goods property management—or her drama queen mother. 
When one of their clients is found brutally murdered, and a recently evicted tenant is a suspect, Jackie vows to Luke and Logan that this time she’ll stay out of the fray. After all, she’s not a detective and they have more than enough on their plate. A rogue RV, drug dealers, furries, snakes and monkeys, oh my! 

Plus there’s a rival property management company determined to ruin Damaged Goods, a kidnapping and a sexy animal lover looking to cause trouble in Jackie's already rocky marriage. The Magic City’s sassiest process server is sitting on a powder keg of crazy and the two men in her life are playing with matches. One thing’s for sure, for Jackie, this isn’t a day at the beach.

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Dishing out bad news is Jackie Parker’s job until her boss grabs her assets one time too many and she serves him her notice and hopes he chokes on it. There must be a better way for a certified process server to make a living in Miami than working for a lousy lecherous lawyer. Whatever Jackie decides, her number one priority is spending time with her husband, Luke, preferably without his brother Logan—AKA the Dark Prince.
Despite Logan’s objections, Luke asks her to join forces in their own property management team, Damaged Goods. Drawing the line between professional and personal lives proves challenging though, especially with Logan serving her an ultimatum—tell Luke the truth about what really happened the night they first met or he will. Sexual harassment is looking better and better.

Fester Gomez is three months behind on his rent for his pricey South Beach condo and Damaged Goods is on the job. Either they convince the tenant to pay up or he’ll face eviction. The simple task turns deadly when the team discovers Gomez missing and a Jane Doe slowly decomposing in his bathtub. Serving a killer up to justice, wrestling family secrets—it’s just another day on the job for Damaged Goods.

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